I can Hack a Mac there and Back

A collection of Macintosh and other Apple resources and such. A true work in progress.


The word from the mothership.

System resources

Defaults-write is a website that catalogs the changes you can make using plist editing.

zsh | Zshell

Apple moved the default shell from bash to zsh. There are also many specific command line only tools for the operating system that are very useful.

Opensource for Apple

Applescript and Shortcuts

I don’t do enough with built-in automation.

Resources | People and communities

If you keep up with a few of these you will be well informed of what’s going on from system administration and deep technical issues to


Working with NFS

NFS and SMB are the main ways of file sharing between computers. That does not involve cloud storage and sending everything over the internet.

Ai answers about Macos

I asked ChatGPT how to get better at macOS… RESPONSE: Sure, here are the links to the resources mentioned in my previous response: