The Black Noodle

I first came into contact with fountain pens late high school or early college. I was doing a lot of pen and ink work, and the idea of not having to dip into the ink each time seemed appealing. I think I started with a Rotring Art Pen, and I never thought of it as anything but an inking tool. It wasn’t until I inherited a Parker51 a few years later that the whole world of fountain pens was revealed and I’ve been a regular user ever since.

So when an artist I follow named Drewscape decided to make his own art fountain pen based on a dip nib, I was excited. I think about making or designing a pen every now and then. But to really set up shop and make one – that’s really impressive. He calls it the Black Noodle and he has a blog post about it. He has made a few of them by hand and a friend of his has made a video review shown above. Check it out, and if anyone wants to teach me how to do this I’m interested!

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