The Walled Garden Story

The whole walled garden idea is to combine a useful but mundane notebook of links for me and anyone else to reference and a fanciful story in snippets spanning all the pages. This is just a jumble of ideas that will later be added.

Once upon a time, there was a wizard who kept his garden in the middle of a walled castle. That way it would not be disturbed by people who might not know what to do with a magic garden. Sometimes he would let others in and show them around, give them clippings so they too could start their own magic gardens. Other times, he would sit on his wall and turn people he didn't like into toads.

The dadalama is a strange and wondrous being.

From the main gate, the path goes west to an open area The Special League of Zombie Fighters sometimes uses this area as they're staging grounds. Even the DaDaLama has been known to sit here and sip nice espresso.

On the edge of the open area is a Small stone gardening shed filled with GardenArt. To the North an IronGate is the entrance to the inner walls of the garden.

The Special League of Zombie Fighters We strongly recommend being an eccentric millionaire
or join a secret society with vast amounts of ancient wealth Sadly, this does not include the Special League of Zombie Fighters.

The Nature of the Web Gnome The WebGnome is a breed apart from their "lighter" cousins. They tend to wear black, and prefer combat boots to bright colored clogs. They spend their days creating computer multimedia or going to rock concerts. But they tend to do their best work at night, and prefer the company of sullen artist types rather than pixie chasers.

Up a set of old worn spiral stairs there is an iron bound oak door. Inside are shelves of books on every wall and surface. Except for a desk in the center; a shining example of mid-century modernism. There is a cold cup of old coffee on a coaster sitting on the desk. The coaster under the cup is an old library sign that says "No Eating or Drinking".

The IronGate and the Silent Hedges

like every good Keep, there are secret places, hidden behind the hedges containing ideas not ready for public life.

This is the place where the hedge is so high, no one can see in. The IronGate keeps everyone out who doesn't know the secret. The Silent hedges and the secret door.