Network Ware

This page is for hacking old equipment into "something". The desire to use old equipment for new projects and creating DIY networks.


Turn an old PC into a router or a firewall: linux appliances for firewalls and routers.

Router Hardware

There are other router project like the piratebox. Going old school experiemnts like the tilde club

Also look at mesh ntworking Adhoc networking.

Community Neworking an article about how underserved and independant communities are creating their own wireless networks.

Project Blackbox was the first of the portable datacenters in a shipping container.

I am diving down the rabbithole!

I stumbled on an open microblogging platform called Mastadon and it led me to this whole idea of the fediverse which are open projects centered around web publishing and social media that your run yourself and can then federate with other servers. Just like how the WWW started.